You need to know where network problems might arise in the future and how to avoid them. It is critical for any business. Would you like to know how to prevent network crashes, server failures, virus and spyware infections and unauthorized access to your network?

Contact us today to schedule a Computer Network Assessment and learn more about our computer networking solutions that will improve your network’s reliability and performance.

Even the best hardware and software is of little value if it is not installed and configured properly. Integrating today’s advanced server applications and networking hardware is simply a matter of experience and training.  The results of incorrectly installed network hardware can result in costly budget problems and operational downtime. ExecNets has years of experience and a highly qualified team of networking consultants. You can rest assured that your network will be configured for maximum performance, stability and security.

Some Of Our Computer Networking Services include:

  • LAN (Local Area Network) design, implementation and maintenance
  • WAN connectivity (branch office connectivity via DSL/CABLE/T1 or VPN) Server integration, upgrades and migrations
  • Internet security solutions, including firewals and VPN
  • Implementation of Network Infrastructure (routers, switches)
  • Wireless Networking Solutions
  • Terminal Services and Remote Access Solutions
  • Tape Backup, Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions
  • Business Anti-virus and Anti-spam Solutions
  • Broadband and Telco Line management (DSL, Cable, ISDN, T1, Fractional T, Frame Relay)
  • Desktop Rollouts and Deployments
  • Infrastructure Cabling, Cat5e, Cat6, Fiber.